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Giordano Stolley is an award-winning photographer who works across the globe serving clients in the advertising, corporate and editorial world. Giordano will produce images that will benefit your business, engage your clients, showcase your products and make your shareholders happy.

Apart from commercial work, Giordano also accepts commissions for portraiture and editorial assignments. 

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He started his working life out as a journalist, who lugged a camera around, taking a snap as he gallivanted around the world writing many news reports for an assortment of employers. Over time the passion for the visual, and in particular the still photography passion, grew as did his skills. His news images have graced the pages of many publications ranging from the New York Times, the Vancouver Sun to the Sydney Morning Herald and the Otago Daily Times as well as many others.

He's put the pen away, honed his self-taught photojournalistic skills with a New Zealand Diploma in Photography (Level 6) in the Manawatu and now focuses on making quality imagery for his corporate, editorial and individual clients. 



It is a question that is often asked. Giordano uses that with which he can make the image that you want and does the job perfectly.


In the past it has been a Canon 7D, Pentax K3, Canon 6D and a Canon 5D III. On one occasion it was a Hasselblad while on another a Canon EOS 350D was used.

These days he uses a Pentax K1 II with an assortment of lenses and Godox lighting as well as other gear that is needed. 

Software used is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge and ACDSee.

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